Monday, October 20, 2014


As I write, President Mutharika is seated in his comfortable chair playing Russian roulette with one of the most clandestine politicians ever to grace Malawi, Elson Bakili Muluzi.

The likely victim in this duo-roulette is the State President himself. Elson Bakili Muluzi is holding that revolver loaded with one bullet and chances are high that he might raze that it into Mutharika's political flesh with every Malawian watching. The outcome will surely not be a sweet spectacle.

If your political closet is stuffed with knowledge equal to mine, you will agree with me that Bakili is not a simple-minded politician.

Almost all the current prominent politicians, with exception of Peter Mutharika and Lazarus Chakwera, have gone through the political furnace of Muluzi, and he knows how to get around their minds in a single flash.

Weeks ago we heard that the toothless, yet pompous, Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) had returned tens on Bakili's vehicles that were impounded as part of investigations into his alleged embezzlement of K1.7 billion of public money during his rule.

Before we got real answers, Bakili's convoy was cruising past lion gates of Sanjika Palace to meet the State President for what we were told was a courtesy call to discuss some Commonwealth role.

Now the plot thickens in that the Mutharikas are renowned for looking easy to prowl on but they bite hard.

Muluzi must have learnt a lesson when Peter's brother, late Bingu, chameleoned on him only months after winning the 2004 elections. Does the Kapoloma statesman need another bite from the younger Mutharika?

We might be a religious people but when Muluzi features at State House and smiles before the cameras just know that the man from Kapoloma has a motive, a hidden one for that matter.

Do not fear Muluzi the man as you know him. One side of him presents him as a feeble old man struggling with his back and trying to get clean of the infamous K1.7 billion case weighing on his heart.

Behind the scenes he manages to push Atupele to the political front, lets him pour out empty agendas, lose an election while attacking MEC Chairperson and helps him jump into bed with President Mutharika the very next day.

All that Elson Bakili is doing is simply for his own good and sadly President Mutharika seems to miss all this, or should we say he pretends to miss it.

The former President finds his windpipe choking whenever someone mentions the figure 1.7 billion. He knows that is his scar.

Instead of clearing himself through the proper legal channels, Bakili hops from one leader to the other so as to find comfort and sweep his "sins" under the carpet.

He and Mutharika must remember that Presidents are accountable to the citizenry both during their time in office and after it. So if Malawians want to know what happened to their K1.7 billion then even President Mutharika has no mandate to shield a man whose immunity vanished more than ten years ago.

If Muluzi is innocent in this whole thing, then he must face the law and let it clear him not wasting our time trying to become an instant angel.

At the rate we are going, I think an official announcement should be made that Elson Muluzi's charges have been dropped. And thereafter we should stop fighting corruption as a country.

Mr Muluzi, you can dress in a white robe and get beatification from the current regime, but we, THE PEOPLE, need justice to be done.

Only the law, not Peter Mutharika, should forgive Muluzi.

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