Monday, December 3, 2012


Not long ago I posted another narrative on how John Kapito of Consumer Association of Malawi (CAMA) thinks the President resignation is as simple as sneezing.

And when I again listened to his utterances on Zodiak Broadcasting Station over the weekend I tried to avoid writing anything about him. I wanted to write about his organization instead only to realize that he is his organization. So I don’t have a choice.

Having been a Blantyre resident for so many years I wonder how Kapito is trying to play a representative role by saying that we have told him we will march. He says he has consulted widely among BTonians

Blantyre is a complex and dynamic metropolis Sir, we just don’t wake up and start following people blindly. Many have tried to take us for a ride before but have failed.

The “so called” CAMA officers are not coming into our neighborhoods to ask for our views as he claims.

We at Patriots Forum have already taken a stand, Malawians are not ready for another street showdown. 

Let us use other means of engaging our government not the July 20 scenario again. 

We cannot relive that dark moment again. Government is ready to listen to our demands but not individual 10- point plans that are more of subjective that pragmatic.   

And would Mr. Kapito explain why he wants the protests to take place in January.

From what I heard he says they moved the march from December to January because of the festivities. This he says is in a move not to disturb people who will be enjoying themselves.

For him January is the best month because (quote, unquote) “Traditionally it is a month when people feel the pangs of poverty”.

I agree with him that January has always been a hard month for all Malawians because we waste a lot of money during Christmas and we are immediately caught in the demand for school fees, farm inputs and other requirements.

Now taking advantage of January just because it is when people are so broke is being insensitive with the affairs of the country. Are you trying to exploit people’s anger through natural trends?

On donors Mr. CAMA is misled again.

Why would there be a problem with the President updating us on what donors are saying behind the curtains? Is she wrong to inform us what plans the donors have for our economy both in the short and long term?

Does Kapito want us to live in a dream world where donors are not part of the script?

We, led by our Head of State, want to move out of donor dependence but if it is going to happen within 24 hours then I am sorry I don’t want to be part of the joke.

Late Bingu tried to hoodwink us in believing that it is possible do things on our own immediately and the consequences were unsatisfactory. 

We all know what happened between government, MRA and commercial banks.

Joyce Banda is a friend of donors so may you stop calling her a “puppet”. 

She is not and cannot be that.

According to Mr. CAMA, the Joyce Banda’s government must change things immediately not in 10, 20, and 40 years time. I would rather have policies that will open up the country to development in the long term and give my children and grandchildren a good life than what I have now.

Failing to appreciate that the recovery is right on track is being unfair to the ruling elite for their efforts. The donor community is responding favorably and good economic policies are being put in place so as to see Malawi not only recovering but taking steps ahead in our development journey.

But for him, our government has drawn an 18-month Economic Recovery Plan just because they want its implementation to coincide with the 2014 elections. Sorry Sir, so many government programs will coincide with election calendars but that should not stop the President from running the affairs of the country.

It is true that prices have skyrocketed but does that require us to leave our chores and go on the street? I remember so well that prices have always been rising since 1994 or even before that. If we take that paradigm of thought then we would have been protesting on the streets every week since then.

And finally Kapito says this country will only prosper when the current generation of politicians is booted out because they are recycled. Would he then justify how a country would be run without a proper transition from one clique of politicians to another?

If all our politicians retire today, who is going to replace them?

Where on earth has a politician emerged from completely nowhere to find himself at the helm of a country? That cannot happen. That is why democracies like South Africa and Botswana give people a strong hint on a line-up of possible leaders for many years. 

It would be a joke if somebody outside the political circles like me would become President of Malawi in 2019 or 2024 if I do not join the bandwagon first.

When I thought Kapito had said it all, he finally gave me a hint of who is his favorite politician.

“If Malawi had six politicians ngati ‘mwana uyu’ (this kid)”

I thought he was not going to mention any name.

“Mwana uyu Atupele”

Oh! So six young politicians would make Malawi prosper? On what basis would six Atupeles make Malawi a different country in the short term?

I am a common Malawian but not dumb to believe everything even if it lacks analytical and honest assessment and evaluation.

This is not true at all Mr. Kapito but you are entitled to your opinions.

At least you have shown Malawians where your soft spot is.

Patriots Forum would like to ask for one favour from you Mr. Kapito. Next time you give an audio or video interview; don’t ever mimic the President’s voice when talking about her. 

It is disrespectful and childish.


  1. This opinion has been posted by one of the PP biased people. Why attacking only John Kapito and not also analyzing where the government is not doing well. This unthinkable attitude is what is killing our beautiful Malawi. The owner of this article is one of the most dull person on earth.

  2. Anonymous, I understand your anger because we are all subjective by nature. But looking at the article, it does not try to injure anyone but highlight what Patriots Forum thinks is good for Malawi as a country. We are here to make sure that we live in respect for our leaders then we can positively forge ahead. Talking about "dull", it is more reflected by those who utter it first than those on receiving end. Thanks for writing and keep reading

  3. Galu mumaganizidwe ndiweyo. ukusangalala ndizimene zikuchitika? kagwere uko chabwino iwe khala ife tipita pa nseu

    1. Appropriate language is of paramount importance on this Forum. We don't intend to tamper with your comments but be civilized in return. MANAGEMENT

    2. Madalitso has shown that he is not progressive enough. And I think ameneyu mumuchotse basi.What kind of Polytechnic student would reason like that to use profanity on a forum like this. Management chitanipo kanthu, ameneyu sali mu 21st Century ndithu. He should try elsewhere

  4. Madalitso let me applaud you for commenting using your name. It is not kusangalala but putting priorities in perspective. Zomangopita pa street izi tizingofa nazo komanso kuononga nazo ma business. Dziko livuta kutukula ili tikayamba zimenezo everytime we have grievances. Trust me my brother (I call you that not a dog)if people go on the street and start breaking property, the police will do something and things will get ugly again. Malawi wa tonse uyu guys tiyeni tizimusamalira. Thanks for commenting, keep reading