Wednesday, June 20, 2012


It is now official. Alex Nampota has agreed to leave the country’s graft-busting institution, Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB). 

However, the bureau will not have a Director anytime soon up until Nampota decides to loosen the grip as he is still not letting go and is locked in a confrontation with government to grant him hefty terminal benefits.

Since he was asked by Office of President and Cabinet (OPC) to resign voluntarily two months ago, Nampota has played a teasing game as he has chosen to stay home waiting for government to say what it has on the table.

The situation has reached a deadlock now as Nampota seems not ready to go on a silver platter and government has its hands tied.

It is believed that the former bureau chief is demanding millions (we are not going to speculate here) but his friend Gustave Kaliwo got K15 million in 2005 under similar circumstances.

As he awaits his huge package, Nampota is back at his law firm Nampota and Company which hitherto has been run by his predecessor, Kaliwo.

Nampota did not come cheap to Malawi government due to his impeccable CV and his close friendship to Bingu. His package was different from other ACB Directors because government then conceded to his demands to cover some of his amenities he used to enjoy while in his private practice.

He was the only ACB Director who almost used the Blantyre regional office as Head Office and yet the Head Office is in Lilongwe. That was part of his contract because he is settled in Blantyre.

Meanwhile the ACB can't move until a Director is appointed and endorsed by Parliament.


  1. Nice one abambo. Enjoyed reading the piece. Pliz kip them coming---marketplace of ideas indeed

  2. Frankie thanks for your encouragement. Let's keep this forum a market place indeed. Con, I am honored for your liking of my blog. Write again and keep reading

  3. Looks like the author is a seasoned Journalist. He has not wasted time to drive the point home. Very clear and concise. Though without any ideas for the 'Market Place' but i enjoyed reading this piece.