Tuesday, June 5, 2012


A prominent Blantyre-based car dealer is living in panic for what he deems an “unforgivable sin” that he committed against the country’s Vice President, Khumbo Kachalim months ago.

Impeccable sources who were part of Kachali's entourage told this blog that the businessman, (name withheld), unceremoniously discontinued a contractual agreement with Kachali thereby withdrawing a vehicle he was using for the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) meeting at Limbe Cathedral in March.

“Kachali hired a vehicle from a car hire firm owned by this man to use during the meeting. This was the case because most officials to the meeting used hired vehicles for fear of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) youth cadets who were rumored to have planned coordinated attacks on political, religious and civil society leaders attending the meeting,” reveals the source.

The then ruling elite, viewed the PAC gathering as a platform for opponents to overthrow the Bingu administration. 

“After the businessman got wind that Kachali was using a car from his firm, he mercilessly ordered that the vehicle be withdrawn because he feared to be associated with PP officials who were in the opposition then,”
It is learnt that Kachali gave back the car without hassle.

Soon after the tide of power changed, the businessman has been living in fear because he thinks that Kachali might consider avenging for what happened during that time.

“The man is panicking in everything he is doing because he knows that things cannot work in his favour if government decides to sideline him in giving him business,” says the source.

The businessman’s fear is also emanating from the fact that last year September 24 , his company was also put in bad light after one of their vehicles was alleged to have been used by thugs who  invaded University of 
Malawi’s Polytechnic campus and clobbered a 4th-year Engineering student, Robert Chasowa to death.

“He knows that if government takes the Chasowa saga seriously, then it might just aggravate his already tainted reputation,”

The businessman is one of the few business people who declared their loyalty to DPP openly such that Malawians mistook him for a party stalwart than merchant.

The car dealer has offices located at the heart of Blantyre Central Business District.
Moral of the story, never mix business with politics. It is dangerous.


  1. This was OCEAN CAR HIRE pano ndiye mumva madzi kutengera zinthu pa ngong'o

  2. No, anonymous it is not Ocean Car Hire. I am going to reveal the name in the coming days after I address all legal insights to it.

  3. Osangonena kuti ndi Countrywide Car Hire bwanji?

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