Wednesday, April 24, 2013


WARNING! Not for the weak hearted

Dear Dalitso, the gluttonous brother, If I would be too honest with you I would say “it is indubitable that you survive by writing bad about others, in simple terms “ you are paid to write nonsense”. However, when I browse through your writings (most of which are pro PP) I see a young man betraying his own career through his predisposed, potentially sponsored writings. 

Of course I should acknowledge that you are not one of (my) the best writers and of course it would be an insult to the worst writers if we would blend or include you in that category (that sounds too personal, yea, I agree with you, but it’s just the painful truth) I feel sorry for brothers who write to please their masters (politicians and their berries) and not to tell the truth, I feel sorry because their careers are short lived. 

My brother, let me remind you that writing a story is beyond putting together letters rather involves strategic thinking, analyzing what you gathered and write a sound report. In your article you said, “Chakwera’s duping of Nkhoma Synod to cost his bid”. I carefully went through this article and thought that I could read something like, “The moderator of Nkhoma Synod or Rev. so and so of the Synod said Chakwera will never have the support of Nkhoma Synod because he once dumped the Synod.” 

That is what I expected, and I repent of my sins of thinking that the writer was professional enough to do so. Dalitso, if you ever went through a communication class and came out transformed, you would have learnt that stories like the one you wrote are dealt with using a coin theory whereby each side of the story is equally important. 

Did you try to inquire and hear from both sides? Or maybe you just made your untutored shallow research and draw suppositions? As a professional (if at all you are) you would have known that greatest journalists (not that you are one of them or aspire to be) base their stories on real research and a sound analysis of issues

On Sunday 21st April, the Nkhoma synod through its Leaders on Z.B.S refuted the allegations that the Nkhoma Synod was backing the candidacy of JZU, they emphasized that if some pastors visited JZU, did that out of their own interest not that of the Synod.

Did you get that? Or maybe at that time you were busy licking your master’s boots? In fact in your article you said that Nkhoma Synod is still angry with Chakwera’s dumping of the Synod. I find this irrational with what the church stands for. 

There is no way Nkhoma Synod would keep grudges against Chakwera for such a long period. The fact that some pastors visited Tembo does not make one to generalize that the Nkhoma Synod supports JZU and has grudges against Chakwera. Nkhoma Synod is actually proud of the investment they instilled in Dr. Chakwera; he is part of the big Christian family of which Nkhoma Synod is part of.

Once again, to the Writer (Dalitso), you need to understand that writing does not end on just gathering the materials that you need to use in your article; it does as well involve critical thinking as well as a strong knowledge on news analysis. In your article, you categorically made some silly assertions that highbrows would easily pick on. What is the connection between MCP and Nkhoma Synod? 

Are you telling us that Nkhoma Synod is a branch of Malawi congress Party? Are you telling us that Nkhoma Synod has the final say on matters of MCP? I should think and I know that Nkhoma Synod is bigger to handle party politics. These are some of the questions that your article raises and unfortunately your half-baked research fails to discourse. Dalitso my friend by default, Mwina unakalemba mchichewa mwina zidakabveka bwino (may be if you had written in vernacular your article would have made sense).

I would like to believe that if Chakwera had dumped Christianity for Buddhism that would have been a problem for Nkhoma Synod. If Chakwera had dumped Nkhoma Synod for Humanistic ideologies, that would have been something to worry. His moving from Nkhoma to Assemblies of God would be equated to somebody who shifts from Zomba to Mulanje, yet remains to be part of the big idea (Malawi).

I repeat this is not for the weak hearted because am calling a spade a spade, a bootlicker, Dalitso.

To my gluttonous friend, Malawi is ready for the new leaders who are God fearing not these recycled politicians who become billionaires 2 weeks after going into government. I repeat, not these recycled politicians who have already written an intend letter to join the party that will win in 2014 and they will submit that letter as soon as MBC will have announced 7% of the electoral results. 

Malawi is too good for these ill mouthed politicians who accuse somebody for not being married yet themselves have a horde of women in all regions of Malawi. When I become APM advisor, I will encourage him to snatch a wife from somebody just as we hear the allegations that JB snatched hers, maybe that’s the way to go so that ill mouthed people like Uladi would begin to respect him.

We don’t want dirty politics, concentrate on your party policies and rebuild the image of your party rather than hide under the shade of being a journalist (if at all you are).
May you bless yourself as you trade your career and vigorously wait for your next pay slip.

Yours’ Truly,
PP cadet

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