Wednesday, October 8, 2014


One blessing I have as a writer from a Third World country is the space of mind I have to observe global politics without the attachment of emotions (except empathy for the oppressed) or the urge to immediately join the cause to change things.

From the day I witnessed Obama taking oath of office and sending the whole world (mostly Africa) into frenzy up to this moment, I can say without doubt that the man from Kenya has sold an American agenda that has failed to enhance the Free-World brand perception among world citizens across the globe.

My mind takes me back to many months ago when President Barack Obama and his Secretary of State, John Kerry, reiterated the need for Syria leader, Bashar Al Assad to go after his government was accused of handling protestors with an iron fist.

Fast forward to now. Assad sits on his throne in Damascus albeit with a country heavily demolished from a 3-year war between government forces and rebels (we are told there are moderate and extremist kinds of rebels, whatever that means)

It is now clear that the new stance taken by Obama to fight the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levante (ISIL) looks like a jerk-knee reaction from a world leader who has run out of options.

Had he dealt with Assad with strong resolve and with world consensus, we would not have been talking of ISIL in the form it is today.

In his 6th year of leadership, Obama is now labeled as a leader who has exposed America's weakness in finishing projects they start. When we thought Obama had come to smoothen the chaos of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the bi-faced man sent drones to Somalia and Pakistan, supervised the fall of Gaddafi, Ben Ali, Hosni Mubarak among others.

As if that was not enough, his backroom maneuvering later on ejected Egypt's duly elected leader, Mohammad Morsi, in favour of another military man even after Egyptians had already dealt with militarism during earlier Tahrir Square protests.

It is of no doubt that the America Project is surely easy to launch but almost impossible to finalize and take proper stock.

Look at Libya today, it is in tatters today without any functional central government, Afghanistan remains a cosmetic democracy while Iraq is a shadow of a beautiful and vibrant economy that it was under Saddam Hussein while Syria might be heading towards another brink of chaos.

Furthermore, Ukraine (whose mass protests against a duly elected government were heavily funded by America) has taken a very strange and ugly twist. All in ghe name of democracy.

Hasn't it amazed us enough why every hotspot on the face of the earth has a fingerprint of the world's global police, US of America?

Isn't it now time for institutions that made America what it is on global politics to be restructured and allow other other equally important stakeholders from across the board to participate in bringing world peace?

If we let America retain too much and unnecessary power within the United Nations and NATO then the plot is as well as lost for tranquility in the world.

Even from here, I see a lot of things wrong with how Obama and his America fail to read and decipher the tensions between the Shi'ite and Sunni sectarian divide. But it always seems that America thinks it can solve all problems in the Middle East with a one-cap-fits-all approach.

Now that ISIL is the contemporary problem, Obama speaks as if if and when these extremists are eliminated then everything will fall into place and normalcy will return in Syria and Iraq.

I will still be here to witness when the so-called moderate Syrian rebels US is funding today graduate to another thorn in the flesh of world peace, even more than the current ISIL. And I will be here to write again.

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