Friday, December 28, 2012


When former President, late Bingu wa Mutharika, was hosted in an exclusive broadcast on BBC’s 'Africa Have Your Say' in October 2011, we envied the foreign broadcaster for beating our local stations on matters that had local significance. 

During the interview, Mutharika responded to questions from Malawians home and abroad who found way through phone calls to ask him numerous questions on issues that surrounded his leadership.

The contents of that particular broadcast aside, it was a milestone in the country’s public policy in as far as government-citizen relationship is concerned.

Therefore, news that Zodiak Broadcasting Station has hatched another initiative for Malawians to engage with the current Head of State is sweet to the ear and a scent to our democracy.

In this regard, Patriots Forum congratulates ZBS for this wonderful scheme slated for December 31, 2012 at 9am.

Though we do not know all the modalities surrounding this live broadcast we appreciate that finally Malawians will have a chance to deliberate issues, concerns, fears, highlights and hopes with the First Citizen.

Our appeal to fellow citizens is to treat this moment with utmost civility. We might differ on many issues in many aspects but when the Head of State gets on Zodiak on December 31, we will- under one banner of “Malawians” -be engaging in a meaningful discussion with our one and only President.

Besides the txt messages, consider yourself very privileged if your phone call gets through so it is imperative that you stick to the issues at hand and avoid impolite utterances.

In so doing we will set a good trend for all our future Presidents to open up to the citizenry for the good of the country.

Once again, thank you Zodiak for this opportunity. You are truly the best radio station.

God Bless mother Malawi.


  1. where was this opportunity before January protests suggestion? Where was the 'good,listening madam president' when an ordinary Malawian cried foul? Mutharika was involved in such exercise long after demonstrations. Demonstrations first.

  2. Anonymous, the problem is that you are already bent on the speculation that the Zodiak initiative is a way of averting the demos...Why then wouldn't she conduct it on January 15...I would rather see things the way they are. Zodiak initiated this and she gave them an opportunity, that settles the case. Thanks for writing, continue reading Patriots Forum

  3. This is not the patriots' forum. It is the partisan forum. Sorry, byeeee!

  4. Don't apologize Anonymous...Your opinions cannot be tampered with, Freedom of Speech at its best..Happy New Year