Tuesday, December 4, 2012


My dad, a learned theologian, once served at a Presbyterian church located in one of the suburbs in Lilongwe. It is an affluent church with membership of close to 600 people.

One Sunday morning dad preached on the topic of love and disapproved the growing tendency of married couples driving separately to church.

“If I may ask, what is the best explanation of you husbands driving to church alone and letting your wives and children come in another car?” asked inquired and continued “If it is just by choice that’s fine but if it is used to cover up marital cracks then we are not doing justice to our society”

Many women laughed and giggled at that statement while men shifted postures in a clear sign of unease.  
Dad’s message was simple and clear, husband and wife are one and if there is a place where they can cherish that union; then church it is.

With a background of such orientation I am content when I see President Joyce Banda being escorted everywhere by her better half His Excellency Chief Justice Richard Banda SC (retired). That is how a meaningful marriage should operate.

I have said this because there seems to be a section of social media users who are attacking the First Gentleman for his presence at state or party functions.

No one with a straight mind can fault Richard Banda for accompanying his beloved wife to functions. Husband and wife are one and they need to support and cherish each other.

One surest thing is that the State President has always held her husband in the highest esteem.
I remember months ago at a function at Robins Park, Joyce reminded women that they should always submit to their husbands if they are to make it big in life.

THE FIRST COUPLE: Right and proper for them to travel together

She told the nation how Richard has played a great role in her life up to this point.

The President rightly highlighted the need for married women to respect their spouses even when they start making more money through business ventures.

A good and free lesson to all married and unmarried Malawians.

Patriots Forum strongly defends the First Gentleman. It is proper your Excellency to accompany her wherever she goes. God is happy.

The grumbling bloc is still nursing the indirect plunder of the past; before Richard Banda became FG.
Need we a reminder on how Malawi’s First Ladies were always on foreign shopping trips to up-market European or South African shops?

Are we quick to forget of First Ladies who fraudulently found their way into cabinet under the guise of Safe Motherhood while earning over a million kwacha every month? Were they not sadly taking advantage of such roles to insult political nemeses of their husbands?

We are safe to say Richard is saving our money and time. He doesn’t want to waste time going round the country in his own convoy to insult those who say bad things about his wife.

He is a modest man with few words. He loves his space and role.

For those who seem to have bad words for the First Couple every day, Patriots Forum pleads with you to rethink your antics.

We, Malawians, must learn to respect our leaders at every strata of society. You can’t just use the social media irresponsibly to direct profanity at the Head of State and her husband.

Our national character is that of politeness and respect for our elders. What is wrong now fellows Malawians? Where did our manners go? Aren’t the principles that make us fight legalization of homosexuality the same with those that tell us to be polite to our elders and those in authority?  

God puts people in authority and respecting those people brings blessings in so many ways.

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