Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Feminism scholars and commentators have all agreed that men including 'great leaders' have not yet found a remedy for their weakness of failing to stand strong against the power of a woman.

Female power exists; it hangs over every man. Period.

Men that failed to harness Woman Power are numerous to count but even those we manage to count possess phenomenal greatness in many aspects.

Ranging from Bible characters - Samson, David and Solomon; great kings and Presidents - Belgium's King Leopold II, US Presidents Lyndon B Johnson and Bill Clinton; world movers - former IMF boss Dominique Strauss-Khan and of course Grey Nkungula. All have had odd episodes with women that led them astray and changed how people perceived them before.

Owing to the above, anything that happens in politics involving a powerful man and any woman is not a trivial matter.

Solomon married many women from other monarchs to expand his kingdom just as former Gabon President Omar Bongo married daughter to Congo President, Daniel Sassou Nguesso as a way of leveraging his influence in the region politically and financially.

Once again, nothing happens for no reason.

As such I will not join the chorus of praising coincidences when my mind can explore other frontiers from which to look at any issue.

My perception is not biased on how leaders fall weak at woman power because one thing I am well aware of is that my President is a happily married man. My worry though is the motive other women might have to bargain for what is not duly theirs personally, socially, politically and even economically.

To be safe, let us stick to political implications of the recent headline material of Jessie. Yes, you know what we are talking about here.

Jessie was in Zimbabwe. The President was there too. Jessie went to see the President. Jessie was offered a lift. End of story. Come on, that's a kindergarten script.

Politically, here was a lift offered by a party and State President to an opposition legislator in his country's August House.

Is that all? May be, may be not.

Jessie is a highly charged and calculative accomplished academic whose moves bring with them a bargain for publicity or more.

Remember the time she made a name by keeping late Bingu on his toes? Do I need to tell you that the woman begged for publicity from her media friends so as to get a platform from which she was going to be relevant to the national ear?

Now about Victoria Falls and a jet lift there might be more to the story.

First we never had a chance to ask deeper what she was doing in Zimbabwe but a few things need probing here. 

A day before she got the lift, Jessie paid a courtesy call at the President in his hotel suite, so I hear.

I am however troubled at how she managed to win this appointment. Let us not fool ourselves that it is easy to see your President regardless of where you both find yourselves. Simply put, an appointment with President Mutharika would still be hard to acquire even on the face of the moon or Mars.

Knowing the people who surround the President now, allowing one of the loudest critics just to meet him simply because they are both in Mugabeland is a thought yet to be born. We all know how these guys are rough towards those who criticize their man.

Fine, Jessie got that appointment. During their discussion, one of them mentioned of the return trip and just like that, their return schedules coincided and they were on the same plane the next day. What a fairytale. 

For goodness sake, Jessie has only been publicly MCP for a less than a year and one would think that she used the party just to get into Parliament.

Is she looking for more than being a mere MP? You cannot rule out Jessie's ambition. Is she trying to bargain for something here?

Two things.

One; Mutharika and Jessie might have planned to hold their talks in Zimbabwe even before they left Malawi. On what issue? MCP should find out.

Secondly, my eyebrows should not be stopped from being raised when another woman besides the First Lady dominates my President's space at anytime.

Is Jessie's closeness to the First Citizen for the past few days borne out of honest motives? 

Only Jessie knows.

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