Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Indigenous Business Association of Malawi (IBAM) is surely one organization with some considerable noise without much substance. Lately, the association has commented on any other issue that affects how government treats local business persons in the country. However, their tears do not impress me in any sense. 

For goodness sake, when did IBAM start and who are the members? And how would a club of five close friends claim to represent all indigenous business people in the country?

Funny enough, every time it comes in the limelight it is only represented by two people; Mike Mlombwa and Leston Mulli.

Years ago when the South Africa government was intensifying the Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) policy, Mlombwa got excited and demanded that our government to follow suit.

Sound minds raised queries to Mlombwa’s assertions because of his narrow mindedness on the issue. How would you really copy and paste the BEE across two different scenarios with completely different political and social dynamics? He had and still has no capacity to explain himself.

If IBAM really wants to be taken seriously then they must mobilize and court a host of members to make the institution credible enough.

To me, Mlombwa and Mulli’s unceasing cry for more business opportunities remains an insult to many people.

Are they making noise just because the tables have turned from blue to orange ?

Wasn’t it Mulli who facilitated the fear that Bingu instilled in the lives of innocent Malawians through violence? 

Does Mlombwa forget how he impolitely and mercilessly snatched away one of his vehicles from Khumbo Kachali during a PAC meeting a month before God loved Bingu more than we did? Reason being that, he did not want Bingu spies to see an opposition personality driving a Countrywide vehicle.

I do not buy the notion that IBAM should be taken seriously by any government; local or national. Let them speak because they have the freedom to do so but we demand proof of seriousness so that our trust can be placed in the right perspective.

Two pieces of advice to Mulli and Mlombwa. Either, make IBAM credible or stop speaking using a platform that is nothing but void.    


  1. Totally agreed.. the idea is credible but implementation is what is the issue here.. i do not see it working either because it quickly runs into a political game.. so if such a group is to be taken seriously they must have a proper blue print of their operations and ensure credibility of the organization...

  2. Very true anonymous, how can Mlombwa be the group's Chair for as long as he wants. It looks like a lousy in-house thing for me. They need to change their stance for sure. Thanks for your comment.