Tuesday, June 12, 2012


We might want to forget the improper language that was being used against Malawians months ago but the more things change, the more they remain the same.

Some business tycoon in Malawi’s commercial city is still used to shouting at innocent Malawians who have a humble responsibility to serve 14 million Malawians.

The man, who runs publishing, freight, construction and advertising & events management businesses, went to Malawi Revenue Authority recently and cleaned his tongue in a wrong way on employees for what he says is delay in processing his payment.

Like a headless peacock, the middle height, moderately dark skinned entrepreneur ranted shamelessly that even security could not stop his vulgar mouth. Let’s face it; the man has lost influence so the people at MRA left him to rage for hours.

Noting that he is getting nowhere with his antics, he stopped and was told that his cheque would be prepared. (This time protocol had to be followed, nothing like political influence)

Convinced or not, he left. Sadly, the cheque has still not been handed to him to date. Should he go there again and do as per his sickly methods? Things have changed, he cannot take chances.  

The payment in question is linked to a K54 million deal which involved the construction of a car park at Msonkho House and eyebrows were raised on how his firm got the contract.

What is paining to this tycoon, who is in his early 40s, is that life has changed so fast. During the previous regime, he used to get payments and deals using just a phone call. Sad that even a 2-hour rant cannot get even a coin into his pocket.

Next time this man, who also serves as a political party overseer for some region, decides to do that again, he shouldn’t do it at Msonkho House in person. The office complex is located along the road to Sanjika Palace and the Head of State might be driving by and his loud rage might show lack of respect to our President. I am not sure if this businessman now knows that we have a female President in this country (just in case he had doubts when we had a male one)

Continue being professional MRA, no need for any politician to scare you, let alone a politician from a regime that caused so much misery to Malawians.

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