Monday, May 28, 2012


Time flies, subsequently, fading our memories into obscurity. Not long ago, Malawians were not sure whether they were worth having their own country let alone being called citizens therein.
As everyone was worried about “executive arrogance”, those in power never relented in causing more misery for the citizenry.

Then boom, came the D-Day. A day before Good Friday. God intervened and the nation was different in a flash. No need to worry about the exact date on which it happened (Nobody cares I guess).

Two months later, lousy allegations are cropping up accusing the former head of state, Bakili Muluzi of slaughtering not a cow, but two in celebrating the death of Bingu.

I stand to be reminded but if my memory serves me right, DPP top brass decided to act “clever” (rather otherwise) and kept the events surrounding Bingu’s collapse and death a secret for a couple of days.

It therefore came as a surprise when Mr. Namondwe, in his eulogy, pointed out that their family was disappointed because some people celebrated the death of their relation.

Now I hear that the accusations were directed towards Muluzi.

Give me a break. Bingu’s death remained a secret for some days so if anyone was in celebratory mood, who is to blame? And it is na├»ve to expect that just because one person has died then everyone’s chores should come to a standstill.

Don’t forget as well that this was Easter period when Christians celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Don’t be quick to say Muluzi is a moslem so he has nothing to do with Easter.

He is a politician who served this country as head of state and that makes him a Statesman. To him, the political, religious, economic and social boundaries were blurred long time ago.

This then tells you that if he decided to slaughter two cows coincidentally during the period of Bingu’s death, it didn’t mean that he was celebrating the bereavement. Muluzi is human and more human than Bingu was, (I opine) thus his actions are always calculated before he does something.

Leave the guy to focus his energies on his K1.7 billion case and his failing health. Let him socialize with whoever he deems right, let him slaughter whatever he wants (besides a human being) on any occasion.

Lastly, the moral of the story is “Never hide the death of a prominent person. People will never stop living their normal lives based on speculation”

Slaughter the cows Mr. Muluzi, slaughter them freely!

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